Our Story


March 2017

Garuma opened for nineteen days before Cyclone Debbie hit Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Region. After a two and half week recovery, Garuma re-opened coming back stronger with a new menu and a new Team determined to succeed!


The Owners, who originally met in Airlie Beach, influenced the menu with their Portuguese and German backgrounds, adding some family recipes along the way. The menu now includes various European dishes as well as some classic comfort foods to be enjoyed by the locals, tourists and visitors to Airlie Beach, Whitsundays Queensland.

More recently, Garuma Team Members have been contributing to the menu and specials, adding their own touches. As the Garuma Team and brand keeps growing, Garuma has some exciting times ahead.


Name, Logo & Our Meanings

ReverseLogoTop Only.png


The Garuma name is currently an acronym for the Garuma Team Values, which forms part of the exclusive Garuma Team Training as well as being a unique word for Google searches.

While the logo is only new to the Garuma Team, it represents a few elements of the business and the Team;

  • Coffee is represented in the form of the white or black outline inside the letter G forming the slight shape of a coffee cup

  • The red base of the G represents "the glass half full" metaphor (or if you have a vivid imagination; a glass of red wine) 

  • The steam (heat) above the cup represents the quality in our food and beverages

  • While the 3 arrows inside the cup leading into the steam represent Team Work, Growth & Speed.

The Garuma font and colour scheme was also changed from it's original blue and white bold letters in September 2019 to a more modern look, which is the start of what's to come for Garuma, the Team & the company.

The Team

With Airlie Beach being a tourist town, some Garuma Team Members have come and gone over the years. But in some cases, leaving their individual marks on the business from songs on the playlist to art works seen around the Cafe and food or drink items on the menus.

Being a Garuma Team Member is more than just a "job", it's being part of a family and friends working towards common goals. While ethics, company policies, daily safety and hygiene procedures are taken very seriously as part of training, outside of this successful environment, the Team enjoy a good time out like everyone else.

Over the years, joining the Garuma Team has become highly 'strict' compared to most Cafes & Restaurants. The strict hiring process has proven to provide Garuma Customers with the best possible experience each time along with maintaining a strong positive Team environment and morale. Now-a-days the hiring process is a strict and scored three stage process which all starts with a first impression and an online application.

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